Nova’s Place Blossom Smile P

30 january 2014
Black Classic/white
blossom in de tuin 300317 a

blossom in de tuin 2016








Parents: WaterCoons Harald Blaatand P and Love Hullen’s Time for Fun

Just to good to be true, this beautiful girl I fell in love with the first time I saw her.
She is such a beauty and sweet as can be. She’s now  living the comfortable live with us.
We love her spirit and kindness every day.
Thank you Mary Anne from Cattery Nova’s Place for the trust!

polydactyl 7755



Umbilical Hernia negative
16-04-2015 Fiv/Felv negative
16-04-2015 Patella Luxation negative
15-12-2015 HCM echo negative
15-12-2015 PKD echo negative
HCM DNA Parents negative
SMA DNA Parents negative

Cameron Coons Shayla 04-07-2006 ( F4)

Shayla was a kitten of my first bred. She’s just like her dad to sweet to be true! She had 4 beautiful litters.

She is now enjoying the comfortable life with our other coonies and our beautiful garden


CoonMtn LeAnne Rimes 04-11-2008

9,5 jaar 04052018 tappy 9,5 jr 04052018


Our Tennessee girl came all the way from Ashville TN USA. (Cattery CoonMtn)
She had 5 beautiful litters so it was time to enjoy the comfortable life.

Nova’s Place Lady of the Well P

12 april 2011

Blue Classic White
Lady 6mnd


lady 211115 a

Parents: WaterCoons Harald Blaatand P and Morning Breeze v 3-Linden Brunnen

In the summer of 2011 Lady came to live with us, a beautiful 2WD polydactyl .
She has great body, good muzzle, beautiful ears with xl tips.
She has a good temper and  also needs a cuddle time to time. She is really the queen of the house.She had beautiful litters and it was time for her pension.
Thank you Mary Anne from Cattery Nova’s Place for the trust


Umbilical Hernia negative
06-09-2012  Fiv/Felv:  negative
06-09-2012 Patella Luxation Negative
14-11-2013 PKD echo Negative
14-11-2013 HCM echo negative
08-09-2015 HD Excellent
08-09-2015 PKDdef DNA negative
SMA DNA parents negative
HCM DNA parents negative

Hayj You Coons Yot , 19 december 2014

Red classic white

yot in de tuin juni 2015yot 2017









Parents :   Kekum Coon’s Tommy and Ch. Hayj You Coons Kayla.

Thank you Anky from Cattery Hayj You Coons for the trust.

He’s living the comfortable live with Evelyn and Doortje

Test results:
Hernia Umb. negative
Fiv/Felv 28-09-2015, nov. 2016
Patella luxatie 28-09-2015
HCM DNA  10-11-2015 Negative
SMA DNA 10-11-2015 Negative
HCM echo 15-12-2015 Negative
PKD echo 15-12-2015 Negative
PK def DNA negative (parents negative)