Nova’s Place Tyrion Caesar

Born 23rd May 2017

april 2018.11mnd

Parents: Hayj You Coons Yot and CameronCoons Pearl Jam Alive.


Caesar is the great-grandson of our beloved Sebastián (Bas), our first Maine Coon. Also is he the grandson of my dear Franklin and Tappy…He inherited not only the looks but also his wonderfull character of his relatives.

We are so proud of him. Thank You Mary Anne for the basic raising of this wonderfull boy.  Of course we will test him before entering the breeding program, but for now we let him be a kitten and develop.


15-05-2018: Umbilical Hernia negative
15-05-2018: Fiv/Felv negative
15-05-2018: Patella luxation: negative
HCM DNA: negative (parents)
SMA DNA : negative (parents)
HD: Good