Hayj You Coons Yot , 19 december 2014

Red classic white

yot in de tuin juni 2015yot 2017

Yot is son of  Kekum Coon’s Tommy and Ch. Hayj You Coons Kayla.

Thank you Anky from Cattery Hayj You Coons for the trust.
Test results:
Hernia Umb. negative
Fiv/Felv 28-09-2015, nov. 2016
Patella luxatie 28-09-2015
HCM DNA  10-11-2015 Negative
SMA DNA 10-11-2015 Negative
HCM echo 15-12-2015 Negative
PKD echo 15-12-2015 Negative
PK def DNA negative (parents negative)