Nova’s Place Blossom Smile P

*30 january 2014  + 22 july 2021
Black Classic/white
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blossom in de tuin 2016







By total surprise  you went to the rainbow bridge. It was so hard to let you go. Thanks for the wunderful time you gave us.
Parents: WaterCoons Harald Blaatand P and Love Hullen’s Time for Fun

Just to good to be true, this beautiful girl I fell in love with the first time I saw her.
She is such a beauty and sweet as can be. She’s now  living the comfortable live with us.
We love her spirit and kindness every day.
Thank you Mary Anne from Cattery Nova’s Place for the trust!

polydactyl 7755

Umbilical Hernia negative
16-04-2015 Fiv/Felv negative
16-04-2015 Patella Luxation negative
15-12-2015 HCM echo negative
15-12-2015 PKD echo negative
HCM DNA Parents negative
SMA DNA Parents negative

CoonMtn LeAnne Rimes

*04-11-2008 +11 May 2021

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My beautiful Tennessee girl , you will be always in our hearts..

She came all the way from Ashville TN USA. (Cattery CoonMtn)
She had 5 beautiful litters so it was time to enjoy the comfortable life.

Nova’s Place Franklin *17-07-2007  + 24-04-2020



My great and dear boy, I will miss you forever

Son of Nova’s Place Sebastian and Twilight of Chamberlain

We are so glad that he’s living with us thereby we thank Mary Anne Kooy (Nova’s Place) for the basic raising of this handsome boy.
Franklin has had beautiful children  and he’s now living the comfortable live.

Pedigree Photo’s Testresults
Showresults: Haarlem 13-1-2008: U1


Fiv/Felv 16-04-2015: negative
PL 10-06-2008: Negative
HD 10-06-2008: excellent
PKD 11-09-2008: Negative
HCM  14-07-2011(4th time)
HCM DNA : N/N (parents negative)
SMA DNA 22-01-2009: negative

WaterCoons Athena aka Nena

*14-11-2006   +13-01-2017


My dear Nena, thank you for your unconditional love…we will never forget you.

Nena came all the way from Denmark from Cattery WaterCoons. She’s a beautiful black classic tabby.
Nena had 4 beautiful litters and now its time for her retirement :-)
Thanks Kazandra for the trust in me for raising this lovely girl to be a totally balanced Lady

Nova’s Place Sebastian aka Bas

* 12-01-2003  + 05-05-2014

My dear Bas, What a wonderful boy you were, thank you for all the joy and kindness you brought into this house.
Your beautiful appearance and character will live on in your children, grand- and great grandchildren.